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The Official NLP Practitioner Manual

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(Paperback option also available at checkout)

The Official NLP Practitioner Manual

Full Value: $100
Price: $47 (53% Off)


Get all of the NLP Practitioner scripts in one handy reference. The downloadable manual contains over 175 pages of NLP Information and Techniques from the actual NLP manual that students of our NLP Practitioner Training receive in a convenient downloadable PDF format for just $47 (paperback option also available at checkout).

  • The REAL Definition of NLP
  • How the Mind Creates Reality
  • NLP Success Principles
  • Powerful NLP Goal Setting Techniques
  • How the Mind Really Works
  • Reading People's Thoughts from Body Language
  • How to Get People to Like You with Instant Rapport
  • Reading People's Thoughts from the Eyes
  • NLP Communication Skills
  • Instant Belief Change with Submodalities
  • Instantly Dislike a Tempting Food
  • Eliminate Bad Habits and Install Good Habits with the Swish Pattern
  • Conversational Hypnosis Influence Patterns
  • Telling Hypnotic Stories
  • Getting the Truth from People with The Meta Model
  • How to Create Motivation Anytime
  • How to Eliminate Negative Feelings and Triggers
  • How to Stop Procrastination, Overwhelm and Apathy
  • How to Overcome Any Negative Situation
  • Understanding the "Programming Language" of the Mind: Strategies
  • Strategy Design and Installation
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Learning Strategies
  • Spelling Strategies
  • Love Strategies
  • Reframing and The Art of Winning Arguments
  • How to Eliminate Negative Behaviors with the Six-Step Reframe
  • How to Eliminate Conflict with Parts Integration
  • Negotiation and Influence with NLP
  • Using NLP in Sales
  • Using NLP in Business
  • And so much more...

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Full Value: $100
Price: $47 (53% Off)

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Customer Testimonials

Wayne Page

"... Still have the manual on my desk in the office. Having the scripts readily available is invaluable. It gives me the confidence of always knowing what to say in each technique."

Deb Yvonne Parker

"The NLP Manual is easily understood because everything is explained in such a down-to-earth manner. It's a great resource for quick . easy access to scripts."


"The NLP Practitioner manual has been a fantastic resource for me, especially the scripts. Learning anything new can be a challenge at first, but having the scripts has made my transition into knowing much easier."

Christopher White Sr

I’ve really enjoyed reading to understand the NLP process in this manual.

Rev. Dr. Kevin Appleton

This manual and course was very informative and added with content you could easily apply to your daily life to help yourself or to help others! I HIGHLY recommend!

Susan Braund

Have never downloaded a pdf to phone before. How can I get this to my computer so I can print it? (Am older and not exactly a techie)😊 Thanks

Note: we were able to help Susan download the manual to her computer

Svetlana Routh

Wow 🤩, so interesting to read

Maria Geussippina Piludu Warneke

"Awesome program 💯💞"

Paul Travis

This book is a good place to start your learning in NLP. And will help with your future understanding of the subject when you continue your studies with a recording or live event.

Daniel Cox

The manual is very well written! Detailed scripts for every technique with some illustrations that makes it easy to use especially when starting out working with clients. It covers so much in great detail so it's a powerful resource to always have on hand!

Sharon Anne Thomas

The manual is absolutely amazing has so many tools and techniques. Fantastic value and a deal not to be missed. Very professional and useful for many professions.

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(Paperback Option Available at Checkout)

Full Value: $100

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We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee